We recommend to our dear visitors the following excursions



Lichadonisia are located in the Northwest side of the Island of Euboea. The coast and waters of the area are considered to be of magnificent beauty. The Golden sand and the crystal green waters are creating a surreal experience for every visitor who wishes to enjoy the unspoilt beauties of the Greek mainland.

The waters don’t run too dip which makes it a safe and enjoyable experience for families with young children as well.

Thermopyles (Hotgates) 

Thermopyle or Hotgates are one of the most popular attraction sites of the Greek mainland. It is the site where the famous Battle of Thermopyle took place in 480BC between the Greeks and Persians. King Leonidas was the leader of the Greek army while King Xerxes led the vast and strong Persian Army. It was in that battle that Leonidas fell with his 300 men as an act of patriotism.

Today a statue of King Leonidas stands where the battle took place. In the museum which is located only a few meters away guests can watch a 3D educational movie with fascinating information about the battle, the armies and the strategies.

After the end of the virtual reality experience guests have the opportunity to understand even further this great historical battle through the use of interactive tables. 



Aidipsos is a village in Euboea which has become a popular tourist destination and has gained high reputation mostly for its hot springs. The spas date back more than 20,000 years and every year thousands of people visit them for medical as well as well-being reasons.


Pavliani’s leisure park

Pavliani’s leisure park is a unique experience for every visitor. People may explore the park, have pick nicks and connect with nature in a very distinct way. There are lovely local taverns nearby with exceptional Greek food.

Archaeological site of Delphi.

The site of Delphi is one of the most amazing sites of Greece and an attraction point for many tourists, only second to the Acropolis of Athens. 

In ancient times it was a religious sanctuary and it was considered to be the “navel of the world”.  It was the Temple there where the oracle of God Apollo gave all her cryptic predictions from. 

Tourists nowadays may visit the sanctuary, the theatre of Delphi, the stadium where the sporting events of the Pythian Games took place, the Museum and many others.